The Preserve Academy

The Preserve Academy, located at The Sporting Shoppe & Range at The Preserve, offers a wide curriculum of firearms safety and tactical training classes taught by NRA Certified Instructors. With patience, dedication, and over 25 years of law enforcement experience, our instructors pride themselves in teaching firearms safety and shooting skills to participants of all skill levels from the novice to the expert.

We pride ourselves in teaching firearm safety and shooting skills to both beginners and professionals. Come learn in a comfortable environment with experienced instructors who are patient, dedicated and knowledgeable in all aspects of firearms instruction.

Teacher Preserve Academy

Jun 13
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Certification

This is the NRA Chief Range Safety Officer class. You MUST have completed NRA BIT training in the last 2 years. Here is your chance to be an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer and teach the NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course to others! We will not be offering this class often so register early […]

Jun 15
Introduction to Carbine Rifle (100)

This four (4) hour class explores the operation of the AR-15 rifle and gives an overview of direct gas impingement and piston driven operating systems. We also cover firearm safety, shooting fundamentals, stance, grip, breathing, re-loading, and Phase 1 malfunctions for the AR rifle. This class is for the shooter who has never fired an […]

Jun 18
Couples Beginner Pistol (100)

Calling all husbands and wives, parents and children, partners, friends, and family members… are you looking for something new to do on a date? Do you want to learn a skill that you and your significant other can do other than dinner and a movie? Is your husband asking you to go shooting with him, […]

Jun 19
NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor Course

This is another first-time course for us so take advantage of the opportunity to become an NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor! After completion of this course, you can teach the NRA Home Firearm Safety course AND it is accepted by the state of Massachusetts for License to Carry applications if you are a MA Basic […]

Jun 22
Low Light Pistol Shooting (101)

This class is an intermediate Low Light Pistol Shooting course where we build on the skills taught in  Introduction to Low Light Shooting (100). We start with a review of the flashlight and shooting techniques taught in our introduction class then we include additional shooting drills, clearing malfunctions, and moving in low light conditions. Required […]

Jun 23
Rifle Cleaning Course

Did you buy a new bolt action rifle or AR rifle but can’t make it through the manual to learn disassembly, cleaning, lubricating, and reassembly? Are you tired of searching for videos on the internet then having a feeling the person “teaching” in the video isn’t sure what they are doing? Are you an experienced […]

Jun 24
One Handed Shooter

This is a four (4) hour course that reviews firearms safety, grip, stance, and then we are off to the range. We concentrate on dominate hand only and support hand only shooting, teach single hand reloads for both dominate and support hand, and run through a number of single hand shooting drills that will improve […]

Jun 26
NRA Basic Pistol Class

This course combines classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Students learn NRA’s rules for safe gun handling, pistol parts and operation, ammunition, shooting fundamentals; range rules; shooting positions, cleaning the pistol, and continued opportunities for skill development. This is the perfect class if you have never fired a gun or […]

Jun 27
Ladies Advanced Pistol (102)

Sorry guys, this one is for ladies only! This six (6) hour class reviews firearm safety and continues to build on your previous shooting skills. We review phase one (1) malfunctions, learn about phase two (2) malfunctions, review shooting from behind cover, and begin moving and shooting in a safe, controlled environment. If you are […]

Jun 29
Rhode Island & Massachusetts LTC & Qualification Class

This four (4) hour class will help you accomplish a number of objectives. We will conduct the NRA Home Firearm Safety Course which is accepted by the State of Massachusetts for a License to Carry. You will also be able to shoot the Rhode Island Army L course which is required by the State of […]

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